Re: new Price Pfister widespread faucet leaks!!
Posted by hj on December 12, 2003 at 21:45:13:
In response to Re: new Price Pfister widespread faucet leaks!!
I have installed many of those faucets and have not had any of them leak. I assume they were purchased from Home Depot or similar, and that could be the reason, but that is just a guess bsed on past experience. Otherwise you have to replace the "O" rings and see if that stops the leak.

: Please Help! I installed a new Price Pfister widespread faucet (8") and got it all in, but it leaks where the "twist Pfit" connector hose meets the valves. At first it only leaked on one side (cold water). I called Price Pfister and they suggested turning it around to see if it was the valve or the hose that was the problem. I did that and now both sides (hot and cold) leak. If you are familure with these faucets, the connector hose between both valves and the sink spout is one piece that just slides on over the vlave opening. There are two little washers on the valve that are supposed to keep the water from leaking, they both appear intact and undamaged. I'm not an engineer but it seems to me that the pressure of all the water going through that small of a space is more than those washers can seal in. See my diagram, the part in green slides over the area in blue and the washers on the top and bottom supposedly form a seal. It's too late for me to take the product back so if I can make this work I'm out $140! Please help!

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