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Posted by Steve on December 12, 2003 at 13:57:26:
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: : I have taken a picture of a shower drain and a drain/vent that I have installed. The vent will also be the drain for a lavatory. The drain/vent will go vertically up throught the roof but a The PVC is all 2".

: : The picture is looking up at the drain from below the bathroom. The shower is on the right an the vent is to the left.

: : Will this drain/vent work? I installed it this way since I didn't think I had clearance to use a 2" combination wye that took off vertically. At the time I put it in I didn't think the vent would have to take off at the minimal 45 degrees since it was also functioning as a drain. I will gladly rip it out if need be.

: : Thanks,

: : Steve

: Code dictates that the wye be rolled so the invert is above the center line of the drainage line. The fact that it is a wet vent makes this more important, not less. Some code will not allow this horizontal wet vent. However, in real life, this will probably work just fine. Clean outs should be installed at the base of all stacks. I like to use test tees.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Thanks for your information. I had a question about why this being a wet vent makes it more important that the vent is not horizontal. From what I've read (again, I have no experience, so I don't know what happens in the real world) the reason that you can't have a horizontal vent is because if there was a clog/backup the vent could become stopped up and not free itself. If it was a wet vent, then it seems like having a lavatory going through it would ensure that the vent is never clogged.

Also, did I read the part of the code correctly that says that you do not need cleanouts above the 1st floor? The bathroom that I am plumbing is on the second floor.

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