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Posted by Kevin Zimmerman on December 11, 2003 at 19:32:28:
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Thank you very much for the speedy reply. I will be calling the water company tomorrow and let you know the result.

Again, thank you very much for your advice!

Kevin Zimmerman, IN

: :In this area, and any that I have ever been in, that valve belomgs to the water company and it is their job to fix it. They would have to dig down to the water main to shut off the water so you could fix it, and around here you would be fined a minimum of $500.00 for working on that valve.

: Wow! What a great site!

: : I attempted to turn off my water main to be able to repair some leaks in pipes going to my water heater. There are no other shut off valves of any use along the supply line to the water heater (which is why I am replacing them.)

: : When I turn the main shut-off valve off, it will not close all the way. This is a 60 year old house and apparently the shut-off has rusted.

: : My question is can I relpace this myself? The valve is before the water meter and there is a weird coupling on it that I have no idea how to remove. It is a piece of metal that is U-shaped that goes underneath the meter and is attached on both sides.

: : I am going to call the water company and see what they will offer, but have little hope that they will do anything. Is there some special tool that I need and am missing here? Will they shut off the water at the street?

: : Thanks for any help. I'm trying to do this myself to be able to buy some presents for Christmas.

: : Thank you so much, really enjoy your website!
: : Kevin Zimmerman

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