Re: Kohler vs. Toto Toilets
Posted by Stevie K on December 11, 2003 at 16:47:19:
In response to Re: Kohler vs. Toto Toilets
I made a choice 3 years ago. Had the same imput you had. Extremely pleased that we ( Wife included) purchased the Toto. Never a plunge since!! Other toilets in the house require regular help. Cant go wrong with a Toto!
Another thought....consider the cost differential spread over 10 years.

: We are finally ready to replace our old toilet. We narrowed it down to needing a comfort height, enlongated seat, one piece (hopefully) efficient toilet. Stores tend to suggest the manufacture where they get the bigger rebate (one employee was honest enought to admit that) so we don't know who to trust. Some say Kohler requires more service, others say Toto. We are considering Toto Balwin (even though 2 piece), Kohler Katheryn, Kohler Memoirs. Need your advice if possible and is there another one we should consider? Thank you so much.

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