no water from well to house
Posted by Stressed on December 11, 2003 at 13:16:35:
We are moving into an old farm house that has not been lived in for 2 years. The water was shut off and pipes drained after last people left. When we turned on the pump it blew so we replaced the pump and pressure gauge. There is a bladder tank in the well also. The problem is there is no water coming into the house. There is a back flow valve at the well and one in the basement they both open and close fine. When the pump is turned on it fills the tank and stops when pressure is reached. The well is about 50 feet from the house and we have ran a small snake through both ends to check for blockage but there is about 25-30 feet in the middle that hasnt been checked yet. Could there be a problem with the bladder tank or could there be another valve in the middle? It is 1 1/2" galvonized pipe. We have actually ran the pressure up to almost 80 lbs and didn't lose any until we unhooked the pipe to free the water.

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