Posted by jd on December 10, 2003 at 17:42:26:
i have jet a gould water pump in the basement.
it has 2 pipes (black, rubbery, assume suction/discharge pipes) lines going out to the well. i can here air seaping in the basement wall. when the well is on i will see water seeping thru the basement wall at floor level next to the pump. when well is off no water seeps. this leads me to believe the pipes need to be fixed. had a plumber come out he suggested to replace the pump with a submerge pump in well for $2000. it seems to me i should be able to dig down to pipes and replaces section that is leaking. what are your thoughts on this. and what kind of pipe should i replace with. also will have to cut out a foot or so bad pipe replacing with good pipe and joining the two (inside / outside). would this be ok.
please excuse long message. just do not have the 2000 for new pump installation. any help would be appreciated
thanks jd

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