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Posted by jps on December 10, 2003 at 14:55:17:
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Thanks for the response. What were the bad experiences related to? Leaks, not enought hot water, water too hot, too much fluxuation in tempature, or something else? I have heard all of those are common complaints with older flow regulated units. I am only looking at thermostat regulated units which hopefully have cured some/most/all of the tempature problems.

Yes, I am aware of the electrical power requirements, and will have to install a 125A branch circuit box to accomadate the 120A load of a "whole house" unit. In my case that is OK since I was going to add a branch box in my basement anyway. That requires 2/0 aluminum wire (@$2.60') but I can locate the box in the basement directly below the service entrance panel with appx. 5 feet of wire.
Thanks again. jps

: I do not know anyone who has had a good experience with an electric tankless. Have you checked the power requirement. To get any decent flow rate, you will need fairly large wires, circuit breakers, and main feed to the houss. Anything less that 60 amps will be unsatisfactory, and even 60 amps may not be adequate for your use, Some users require a 120 amp unit.

: : I am considering replacing my 40 Gal elec. tank heater with a tankless (also called instant) water heater. After much research I have narrowed my choices down to either a Seisco or an Envirotec 2000. I decided to stay with electric since my house is total electric, natural gas is not available and I dont care to go to the expense and trouble to add LP piping and a tank. My question is: Does anyone have any experience with tankless water heaters, good or bad?

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