Shower Remodeling: Drain questions
Posted by Remo on December 10, 2003 at 14:43:00:
I am considering remodeling a shower and have some questions related to the drain. Presently this shower has a tile floor and tile walls and I am thinking about replacing it with cultured marble walls and shower pan.

I assume I need to rip up the tile floor and its mortar bed down to the concrete foundation of the house. The marble people said that I need a standard compression drain like those used in fiberglass showers.

Since the current shower floor is slightly built up from the foundation (at least it appears that way) will I probably need to remove current connection
to the main drain? How is this typically done? If the two pipes are PVC and glued together how do I break the connection?

My next questions concern the "standard compression drain". No knowing what a "standard compression drain" was I went to the hardware store and believe I
found what it was (although it wasn't called that). It was like a 4 inch diameter pipe (with a strainer on top) that stepped down into a smaller size pipe. It had two rubber gaskets and a larger plastic nut threaded on it. I'm guessing that the drain is to fit into the shower pan from the top and then secured with the nut from the bottom. The pan is then moved into place so the smaller pipe from the drain fits inside(?) the drain pipe from the house. If it is to fit inside is one supposed to use PVC glue/cement?

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