Re: Any tips on inserting wye into drain line -- one last question?
Posted by MarkDIY on December 10, 2003 at 11:04:22:
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: : : : I'm adding a sewage ejector and need to pump the waste through 2" pipe into the current 3" portion of a drain line overhead. For this, I need to insert a wye into the current pipe. I don't think there will be much flexibility for moving the two ends of the pipes once they're cut.

: : : : What is the best way to handle inserting the wye?

: : : Use no hub couplings.
: : : Deb
: : : The Pipewench

: :
: : I've done that with copper pipe before -- a tee, short piece of pipe attached to one side of the tee and spanning the rest of the gap and then a repair coupling to slide over the joint.

: : Because of the very short work time with PVC solvent, I guess I wouldn't want to put any solvent inside the coupling and put a good coat of solvent on the ends of the pipes that it's going to join, correct? Will that weaken the joint at all with solvent only being applied to the outside of the 3" pipe? Should I still prime the inside of the coupling, or will that make it harder to slide over the joint?

: These couplings are rubber with stainless bands with hose clamps that require no glue.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Will the rubber coupling meet code? Just to clarify, I cut a 12" - 15" (approx.) span out of the horizontal drain pipe running along the ceiling. I glue a PVC wye to the uphill end. I then will measure the distance from the inside of the wye hub the end of the downhill portion of the pipe in place and cut a piece to fit in there as close as possible. I will then push the coupling down the pipe a bit (on the downhill side) and will glue the newly cut PVC piece into the wye. Then, I'll push the coupling uphill enough to be centered on the joint. Tighten the clamps and I'm good to go. Sound about right?

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