Re: Question on use of sanitary T in vent
Posted by nicktheplumber on December 10, 2003 at 00:50:33:
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The point of the codes regarding tees is this: IF the pipe is set up so that WATER (waste) will flow across the fitting, the limbs of the fitting must be sloped properly for drainage. If waste water flows, your fitting must have the proper angles. This means at least a wye-type fitting at tees. A straight 90 degree take-off limb would be ok for a limb that has to admit only air for venting, which means it must be above the weir of any connected fixture drains. EVEN SO, it is a good idea to use standard DWV fittings designed to handle wastewater when laying out dry vent pipes, since these vents are open to the atmosphere, and theoretically might have to drain rainwater from above the roof...

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