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Posted by jps on December 09, 2003 at 21:42:03:
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: Galvanized corrodes. Pex crimpers can usually be rented or purchased and resold. Female plastic threaded fittings are not just a bad idea, they are prohibited. Brass threads are not available in PVC adapters, only CPVC. PVC is prohibited inside a home.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Female plastic threaded fittings are prohibited? By whom? Somebody better tell Lowes's and Home Depot. And a thousand other hardware stores. In my area they have lots of female threaded plastic, including CPVC, PVC(pw) AND PVC(dwv). Also female threaded ball valves and unions in PVC. The only ones with brass inserts (CPVC)I have found there are kinda hidden over with the QestPEX compression fittings (the gray plastic (acetal) that work on CPVC, copper and PB (or anything with a CTS outside diamater, including PEX. Not sure why they are over with the PEX stuff, but the next asile over, in with all the solvent fittings are male and female threaded adapters. I avoid them like the plague, have seen more than one split after being inuse a short while.

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