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Posted by Deb on December 09, 2003 at 18:45:45:
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: >In the process we will be replacing most of her galvanized plumbing with PEX or CPVC.

: What happened to the choice between CPVC or PEX? Seems you have decided to go with CPVC, but I never saw anything in the posts about why. It sure eliminates a lot of fittings and connections, esp. if you use a manifold system. Did the price of the crimp tools scare you away from PEX? I am wondering because I have decided to use PEX in a complete re-plumb to get rid of leaking copper. I am still in the planning stages, but plan to just bite the bullet on the tools. Let me know if I should change my mind.

: On the subject of your transition from galvanized to CPVC (or PEX, or whatever) I agree with the others, DONT MESS WITH THE 90 DEGREE ELBOW! It is risky enough that you have to remove the vertical pipe from the elbow. As others have advised, get a good grip on the elbow with one wrench as you remove the vertical pipe. Sideways torque on the inlet pipe could easily crack it at the threads where it goes into the elbow.

: As for the brass nipple between the galvanized elbow and the ball valve (which is the ONLY valve I would use for a cut off), I am not sure why they advised on brass instead of a 6" galvanized nipple. I am just a DIYer, and I am sure the plumbers know something I don't. What about it guys, why brass?

: Also, the CPVC fittings with brass threads are a good idea for any female plastic fitting. If you thighten a pure plastic female fitting too much you can cause it to split open. To clarify what is being talked about here, this is a plastic female connecter molded around a threaded brass insert. I have only seen them in CPVC, never PVC, but they may be available as well.
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Galvanized corrodes. Pex crimpers can usually be rented or purchased and resold. Female plastic threaded fittings are not just a bad idea, they are prohibited. Brass threads are not available in PVC adapters, only CPVC. PVC is prohibited inside a home.
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