Re: Grohe handheld connected with teflon tape?
Posted by Terry Love on December 09, 2003 at 13:43:37:
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: on our Grohe handheld shower, that was just installed but not yet used, I just noticed that there is some kind of white plastic joint the plumber put in between the elbow and the shower arm. I didn't notice that in the showroom. I wonder if they have rigged something because something didn't fit right. the bath sales consultant says " You have to use teflon tape to install any shower arm in order to get a tight fit so it doesn't leak. That is probably all that is.� " It doesn't look so lovely. can I paint it or cover it someway?

Tapered threads use thread sealant, which Teflon tape is a form of.

If the shower head was attached to the end of these threads, and the shower head did not use a rubber washer for sealing,
 you would use something like Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant.  

However, if you have straight cut threads, that is not the case.
Grohe flex hose for the hand-held showers use straight threads and a rubber washer for sealing.
That is easy to check too if the connector is a hand threaded nut.
Just remove it and look.
If tape is used on the threads above that are brass colored, you would be lucky if the Teflon tape didn't cause a leak.
I remove a lot of Teflon tape from leaking fittings that hack plumbers and handymen have improperly installed.

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