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Posted by hj on December 09, 2003 at 08:16:26:
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The recovery rate should be stated in gallons per hour, not the time to refill the tank. Most are based on 100 degree rise, not 90 degree so you will have to make sure you are comparing the proper numbers.

: Thanks for the fast response... I'm going to try and find those numbers out.

: I can zoom in on the old unit picture and see it's a WH-10LI model, 80 Gallons. All the new ones are WH-80 now. The recovery rate is about 12 to 29 minutes for the 80 gallon tank. I'll need to find out that new one's capability.

: Addl Misc Info on Old Unit:
: Continuous Flow Rating** 1013 Lt. / 268 Gal.
: Boiler Flow Rate Requirements 7 Minimum
: 18 Maximum
: **Continuous Flow is based on 199,000 BTU/HR Boiler Output and a 90�F rise.

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