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Posted by hj on December 09, 2003 at 08:12:11:
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Your 4' wall is not going to be high enough. If you use the correct materials the wall can be made free-standing, but it has to be placed on a broperly designed ledge.

: We are converting a tub area to a walk in shower (which will be the same size as the original tub space). We would like the wall facing the bathroom to be a glass block 1/2 wall (approx. 4" high) with a small space to walk in on the end away from the shower head. (no door).

: Our question is what type of base do we need to use for the glass block wall. Right now we have a simple shower lip with 2 pre-treated 2X4's stacked on top of each other. Can we begin stacking the blocks on top of this base or do we need something wider?

: Also - we don't want a wooden frame at the top of the wall if possible so it is simply a glass line. Is this possible or do we need to frame the wall in to have enough support?

: Any help you can give will be great! Thanks.

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