Re: Running gas line down chimney flue for gas log install
Posted by nicktheplumber on December 09, 2003 at 03:59:26:
In response to Re: Running gas line down chimney flue for gas log install
The only way to get the gas to the logset is to go down the chimney flue. Local gas company said that was okay... I think after the tubing gets out of the firebox and into the flue, there will be enough fresh air to keep the tubing from getting too hot.

This is absolutely unbelievable advice from the local gas company. I checked the UPC and NRC and couldn't locate any specific prohibition against running a gas supply line in a flue...but I suspect that's because the idea is so absurd that no sane person would even imagine it to be a safe thing to do. There are also no specific prohibitions in the code about running electric cables, DWV, or supply plumbing lines in chimney flues...There are just some things that are so absurdly dumb that no one has bothered to spell them out in the codes. Of course now that you have mentioned it, I'm sure that the code-writers will have to write in the specific admonition. It may be that the codes do address your concern but I've just overlooked the reference...

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