Re: Upstairs tank overflow pipe leaking
Posted by Dave Williams on December 09, 2003 at 03:43:03:
In response to Re: Upstairs tank overflow pipe leaking
Hi, I hope perhaps you might be able to help me out by giving me some general advice regards my upstairs tank overflow pipe that runs from the tank in the attick out to the back of house.
Only last night I noticed that their was water running down the back wall, and guessed that this might be coming from the overflow pipe. The only thing that concerns me is I caanot see the overflow pipe as it looks like it is concealed behind the facia.If this the case is their indeed need for concern, and what do you think caused the overflow pipe to leak water down back wall.Could perhaps it be caused for example if the hot water has been left on too long and caused the actual water level in tank to fill up too high. Any advice most appreciated.

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