Leaky Solder Joint / Unbalanced Main Water Makeup
Posted by Michael Roback on December 09, 2003 at 01:34:55:
I redid my main outside plumbing area just before the line goes into the house and
also ties into an irrigation line. I had two regulators and two ball
valves. Problem is when I fired it up, the connection into the house and an
ajoining 90 are leaking. If I have to remove them and resweat, I will have
to take half of my assembly apart. Are there any tricks to repair a leaking
connection. Would reheating and applying some solder around the joint

Also, on one end of the assembly there is a regulator and as a result,
unless I set a post underneath the setup it leans. Is it within code to use
a post or strap part of such an assembly to anjoing wall such as a fireplace
to stabilize it?

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