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Posted by Bronson Beisel on December 08, 2003 at 19:41:47:
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Thanks to Deb and Terry for the responses. I *think* know what I now need to do, but I want to verify, so if you'll bear with me and my "novice-ness" I'll appreciate it.

1. First, I need to dig down inside the crawlspace to where the galvanized supply line comes in under the house.

2. Where it turns 90 degrees to come up is where I will want to install a new fitting.

3. I will need to cut (I assume?) the current galvanized line and then unscrew the pipe above the existing galvanized elbow. If I cannot budge the joint using a wrench, I should use a blowtorch to loosen the joint (I saw this info while researching a much earlier post on this board).

4. After removing the old galvanized elbow, I install a new CPVC elbow with a fitting that can screw onto the outside of the galvanized supply line.

5. On the other end of the CPVC elbow, I install a CPVC fitting that allows me to connect to a copper line. The fittings I saw at Home Depot can be solvent welded to the CPVC on one end and then have a screw-type adapter on other end that I assume is unscrewed, welded to copper, and then screwed back in. Question - do I use teflon tape or some sort of other sealer on the threaded connection? Also, I assume a "six inch nipple" is just a short piece of copper pipe? I know I may sound stupid, but I want to ask the dumb question to be safe.

6. So after welding the 6" copper nipple to the screw type adapter, I screw the adapter to the threaded male connector from the CPVC.

7. Then I weld an IPS ball valve to the open end of the copper nipple. Another dumb question - what is an IPS ball valve? I found a 3/4 inch and a 1 inch copper stop and waste ball valve. Will that do the trick, or should I be looking for something else?

8. Then on the other end of the shut off valve, I once again weld in a screw type fitting of copper that will then screw into a CPVC femal adapter.

Question - would it be a good idea to install a pressure regulator after the shut off valve? There is not currently anywhere in the system that I have found.

So it looks like if I do all of that correctly, I can then pick up with the CPVC and work on replumbing the existing galvanized plumbing in the crawlspace.

Any ideas on the chances of breaking the galvanized pipe when I attempt to unscrew it at the elbow? I will do my best to locate a plumber we can keep on standby in the event that happens.

Thanks for all of your help.

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