Under house Sewage Clean-Up
Posted by Doug on December 08, 2003 at 15:48:34:
Almost a year ago, I had a major sewage pipe leak that was ongoing for an unknown amount of time. (Major - I mean standing raw sewage under a large section of crawlspace. The plumber came in and repaired it and a clog (The clog was the first sign of trouble). He never said anything about clean-up. I donned my pasint respirator goggles , gloves and covveralls to tackle teh clean up with my shop vac and sucked out ~40 gallons of raw sewage..

Before this - water in my crawlspace has been a recurring problem - once dure to a leaking supply pipe and usually due to a major rain.

I have been researching mold problems (house is brick) and stumbled on sewage remediation topics here and there.

What else should I have done for the sewage clean-up? I now have more standing water (different area) and need to get down there and tackle that again - just wondering about diseases and such..

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