Re: drain pipe from wall to pedistal sink
Posted by Greg on December 08, 2003 at 15:22:57:
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If the wall pipe has a stub-out (portion of pipe - as it should), you might be able to use a flexible rubber coupling permanently or until you acquire enough funding to correct to your satisfaction. Please see my first response.


: Leslie,

: Was it leaking before you installed the pedestal sink?

: Without looking at what's going on, it's hard to prescribe a remedy. A leak inside a wall is not a good thing, unless you can forgo using the sink until you can afford to have it fixed. Is it leaking at the coupling (where two pipe pieces join)? A band-aid attempt may do more harm than good. How old is the house and what pipe materials were used for the sink and what did you connect to?

: If I were sure the leak was inside the wall, I'd carefully begin dissecting it (enlarge an opening surrounding the drain pipe to better isolate the problem, but only if necessary. See first question. Please provide more detail.

: Greg

: : recently we installed a pedistal sink. We have a major leak at the point of the drain pipe into pipe in the wall. Issues: we can not afford right now to have the tile all ripped out to fix a problem inside the wall. How can I seal the pipe from the sink into the wall without the major exspense. It appears the pipe from the sink fits into the pipe in the wall.

: : thanks for any suggestions

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