basement shower
Posted by Ed Zaragoza on December 08, 2003 at 14:09:03:
Hi. I'm looking to expand our old 30 inch neo-angle shower that is located in our basement. I won't be moving the drain,, but I do want to build out the shower sevveral inches and still use an off the shelf neo angle panels and door.

The issue is, since I am on a concrete slab, and plan
to custom frame the unit with wood, cover with backer board, seal, and then tile, do I still need to install either a PVC, or copper or lead liner? I could have a custom plastic or vynyl liner made, but that would be cost prohibitive, and we prefer the look of the tile.

Which brings another point. Tile on a shower floor. Assuming it's legal to have tile at all, should/can you even use a liner with a tile floor?

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