Re: Pilot Light on Water Heater Goes Out
Posted by LonnythePlumber on December 08, 2003 at 09:09:40:
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: I had that problem with a new hot water heater a while back. The thermocouple might need pushed in toward the pilot flame a little more. That took care of my problem.

: : Ever since I had a new high efficiency furnace installed, the pilot light on my water heater keeps going out. It now happens almost every other day. The water heater is ten years old, but I just replaced the thermocouple. What can I do?

I'm encountering instances of insufficient make up air for these furnances. They suck out more oxygen than can sustain a pilot flame. You haven't had time to compare non furnace usage to it's effect on the pilot lite but you can try leaving doors open to see if your pilot stays lit. LonnythePlumber

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