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Posted by e-plumber on December 08, 2003 at 07:15:20:
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: We have a similar problem with a new installation of an ejector pump in the basement. There is a loud thump when the pump shuts off and the upstairs toilet "burps". Our contractor suggested that the vent was clogged. So, I have Roto-rotor come and clear the vent (not cheap!) but the problem still occurs. I was wondering if the solution posted below worked or if there are anyother ideas.

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: The "thump" sound comes from the check valve seating with the weight of the ejected waste still in the line after the ejector pump shuts off. The splesh "burp" in the upstairs toilet is a result of the weight of the water that is not completely ejected slamming back down against the check valve. You can assume that the ejector pump is operating correctly to elevate the waste water, but there is a blockage in the sewer line downstream, and the pressurized waste water cannot exit in the amount of time the ejector pump operates. Call a Licensed plumber to rotosnake the gravity flow portion of the main all the way through the lateral to the main sewer line in the street.

: : We have a sewage injector for our downstairs bathroom. Whenever it starts up, it seems to pump the liquid into the sewer line above, then there is a loud "thump". Also, the "thump" causes the upstairs toilet to "burp", you don't want to be sitting on the upstairs toilet.

: : -- The downstairs bathroom line and the injector vent both go into an octopus that is below the upstairs toilet.

: : Help!

The thumping or banging is in fact the check check valve on the discharge line slamming shut. If the banging is unbearable, the check valve could be replaced to a different style check.
The burping in the toilet could be a clogged or restricted drain downstream of the toilet or the discharge from the sewer ejector could be tied in incorrectly. Here in NY, the ejector discharge line must connect to the main drain leaving the building after the clean-out fitting at the foundation wall.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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