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Posted by Glenn on December 07, 2003 at 22:25:27:
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I've done several of these. The latest being the hardest because the tile was very brittle. I use a Roofing shovel that is made to remove shingles. Comes with a good pivot point to pry and It's worked well every time. They make scrapers just for this, but at Lowe's they were about $30. You might be able to scrape with a flat bladed shovel too. Just can't pry as well. Mine have had hardwoods underneath, and I've taken a little care not to damage them by removing them in the direction the wood is running. Then just refinish the hardwood. Some tiles come up easy. I had a few tuff spots, but some water sitting on the floor made the felt backer and adhesive come right up, Instead of trying to seperate the tile from the felt. (we capped a pipe the day before and it had a crack in the pipe and dripped all night)Discovered that by accident:)

If you do decide to do tile and use the HardiBacker board. Visit their website and read the install directions carefully. I didn't know you were suppose to put thinset or something under it. Is it necessary...? I dunno. Also make sure you stagger the backerboard so all the seams are not running the same direction. This will also help keep the tile/joints from cracking. I would also make sure you buy plenty of the screws made to install this board. Don't be stingy with them. The roofing nails in my opinion could work loose over time. Especially in an old house. Then you might end up with cracks. Hope this helps. No expert, just a few things I've learned.

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