Bathtub drain plug stuck!
Posted by John on December 07, 2003 at 21:51:13:
The past few days, my wife noticed that the bathtub wasn't draining properly when she was giving our daughter a bath. This had happened before, so I
figured it was more than likely the linkage connecting the lever to the stopper (previously, it had loosened to the point where the lever was not having an affect on the stopper).

When I pulled off the lever facing, the linkage fell down the drain! Worst yet, trying my best with a wire hanger, I couldn't fish out either that linkage, or the stopper to at least put it back in the 'open' position. Now, I'm stuck with a three year old bathtub/faucet, and a tub full of stinky baby bath water (don't worry - didn't throw the baby out..)

Any advice on going about getting this bad boy draining again? Was I right in trying to fish up the lever with the wire hanger, or is there a better
way (tried a screwdriver with a magnetic probe, but no dice)? Luckily, if it comes to that - I have access to the underside of the bathtub (only positive to an unfinished basement), so if I need to get at the drain elbow I can.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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