Galvanized to CPVC or PEX
Posted by Bronson Beisel on December 07, 2003 at 15:24:01:
I am helping a friend remodel her bathroom. In the process we will be replacing most of her galvanized plumbing with PEX of CPVC. Her main water supply line is galvanized. Where it comes into the crawlspace under her house, it comes up out of the ground to just under the subfloor. A "T" joint allows for a hose spigot at the front of the house, and the other end runs back to the water heater and to supply the other cold water faucets.

This is my question. I figure the best place to make the transition from the galvanized pipe to the CPVC or PEX is at that first "T" joint. The joint appears to be in good shape. However, I am currently at a loss as to how to make the connection. Will the galvanized T joint simply unscrew from the supply pipe? The house is about 44 years old, and this looks to be the original plumbing, so I wonder if it would be easy to unscrew at all. My hope is that we could unscrew the galvanized "T" fitting and then install the transition piece that will allow us to go to the CPVC or PEX.

Note that eventually my friend will probably have to replace the galvanized supply line, but we're hoping to leave that alone for the time being.

Your thoughts?

This is just my first question. I have others lined up. I know I will learn a lot during this remodel project, and it's nice to know there are pro's and other DIYers available on this board to offer advice.

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