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Posted by hj on December 07, 2003 at 10:06:37:
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It would only operate frequently if the unit were seriously oversized, so that that the water is heated faster than it can be circulated to the units, or if there was air or something else in the lines to retard circulation so that the same thing happens. It sounds like your problem is at least partially air. The system has to be purged of the air, although we cannot tell you how to do that with your system without being able to see how purging was provided for.

: We recently had a peerless boiler forced hot water heating system installed in our new house. We have 2 zones, up and down,. The boiler seems to run a lot. For many years we heated with wood and have never had anything like this system, so have no clue if it is running properly. It turns on every 4 or so minutes throughout the day and night. We also hear gurgling thrugh one of the heaters upstairs . Also, we just noticed a burn type mark around the sheetrock where a pipe into a unit comes out of the wall. We did not think the unit was going to run so often. Can anyone with this type of heating system tell me if this is how it is supposed to work? and anything else I might need to know about this type of heating system.Thanks much...KIM

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