Forgot to turn furnace refill water line back on after servicing.
Posted by Dave on December 06, 2003 at 22:53:56:
I had my gas-hot water furnace serviced last year before turning on for the season. Service was routine, bill was minimal. This year, same Co., different sericeman. After checkup I was told I needed 2 zone valves, fill valve, and relief valve to the tune of $531.83. After the work was completed, the serviceman asked me "who turned off the water supply line to the unit"? "The refill line is closed". As it turns out, the guy who worked on it the year before never turned the water to the unit back on for some reason, or closed it after refilling. Could this have contributed my problems? I'm not trying to get out of paying the bill but if faulty workmanship played a part I may want to seek a new plumber in the future.

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