Re: Do any water saver toilets save you money???
Posted by Laura on December 05, 2003 at 21:37:36:
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: : most of the people i know that have 'water-saver' toilet tanks say that the usually have to flush the toilet two or three times (especially after a bowel movement). I am also experiencing this problem. I've changed the flapper for a better one but that has not helped.

: : In the long run, do you still save money with a water saver tank? Are some brands better than others? thanks

: JC,
: There is quite a bit you can save with a water saving toilet. I list models that perform well on my report.
: Rather than buying the cheapest model, consider spending enough to get into the high performance range.
: You wouldn't compare the old air cooled beetles to a new Lexus. Your expectations would be very different. It's the same with anything.

: Seattle has very expensive water.
: It's easy to see the savings on the water bill.

Sorry, Uh-uh. We had a PLUMBER neighbor install one of these brands in our upstairs bath. It takes literally 12 FLUSHES to get rid of a modest blob of toilet paper. We have a septic tank and well, so we don't pay a water bill. But I'll buy my next toilet from Canada.

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