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Posted by Ron Maiellaro on December 05, 2003 at 08:17:17:
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hj, I think we have an entry for the "Museum of Unusual Plumbing Practices". I managed to remove the flange from the plastic pipe by carefully prying alternating sides. And I assure you that the cavity between the iron flange and the plastic pipe was filled with lead. I have no idea how this could have been done. Anyway, I now have a plastic flange properly glued to the plastic riser pipe. And I have abandoned the idea of a precast shower base. I'm rebuilding it the traditional way.

: There is no way to lead an ABS or PVC \pipe to a cast iron drain. The proess of pouring the lead will melt the plastic and caulking the joint will compress and distort the pipe. You need a plastic drain fitting of the proper material glued to the riser pipe, or a precast base, (what size do you need?), with a rubber press in seal.

: I am attempting to rebuild the walk-in shower in our master bathroom. House is built on a slab; no basement. It was leaking; water creeped to adjacent room. Plumber gave an estimate of $3200 to rebuild - not including tile work. I have completely stripped the shower to the studs and the cement slab. The iron drain base is is cemented to the black plastic drain pipe w/ what appears to be lead solder.

: : 1) Is there any easy way to remove the iron drain base without breaking the plastic drain pipe it's stuck to?

: : 2) Does anyone make a "one piece" shower base to replace the morter/shower pan liner/morter project?

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