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Posted by jason on December 04, 2003 at 20:16:41:
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HI, im planning to finish my basement. I want to make the basement one big games room. Currently in the middle of the room there is a wall studded with 2x6 which is load bearing. The load being a 2 storey house approx. 20x20. What I want to know is what size of beam do I use to span 20 feet without a center support? I was thinking of using a wooden beam consisting of 2x10,20 feet long 3 layers thick with a layer of half inch plywood in between the 2x10. Will this be sufficient and carry the load of my house? If not please avdise me of the proper wood and measurements I should use . One last qeustion, would the last resort be a steel beam and what size would I have to use?

Thanks alot!

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