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Posted by e-plumber on December 04, 2003 at 17:56:40:
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: Can you help me, I have a shower head that drips at the rate of about two drips per second. We have a single knob (at least 10 years old) that controls both hot and cold water and I suspect that I may need to replace the knob/valve. However, I am all thumbs and would not know where to begin. Can you give me some advise... Also, I would like to replace the shower head in a different bathroom but the pipe that it is attached to has a ball at the end. Can I just unscrew the pipe itself and replace it with a threaded end with out too much trouble? (remember, I am not very handy)
: Thanks,
: Jim

Two drips per second is a running faucet wasting hundred of gallons of water per month.
It's hard to give advise if you are not handy.
You may be able to unscrew the shower arm from the wall and install one with threads at both ends as you mentioned but as for the faucet rebuild, leave that to a licensed plumber.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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