Water temp is constantly fluctuating
Posted by Jeff B on December 04, 2003 at 12:42:26:
I live in an apartment complex where our entire building shares one water heater. I've lived there for two years now. Recently (about 2 months ago), the water temp is constantly changing. It's fine for about 30 seconds, then it's scalding hot for a few seconds, then fine again. Usually doesn't get too cold, but fluctuates between where I want it and rediculously hot. I've complained to my landlord, but she says that's the way it is when you live in an apartment. It wasn't like that for the first 20 months, and I've lived in apartments for the last 10 years, so I don't buy it. Any idea what the problem is? If I can go to the owner with an intelligent problem and solution, I think I can get him to fix it. Thanks!!

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