Re: can a water softener be located in same room where a child sleeps?
Posted by Gary Slusser on December 04, 2003 at 11:41:02:
In response to Re: can a water softener be located in same room where a child sleeps?
: My son is trying to move his 10 month old son into a room in our basement that has not yet been finished that contains a water softener. I told him that this is dangerous and he said that it is not. Does anyone know if a water softener is safe to have in a room where a baby is sleeping?

A water softener does not present any danger to anyone, period. Noise is minimal and should not bother anyone's sleep after they have heard the noise once or twice.

You're concerned about the wrong things IMO, and I think that's why a 10 month old is not with mom'n dad but being shoved off to an unfinished room in the basement. I assume they have a finished room in the basement but if they don't, and they are not in the basement, you need to report them. But these young kid new parents have strange ways of doing things today. My stepson put his year old daughter in her own room too. Trying the get to the truth of why is next to impossible so good luck. It sounds as if he lives with you, enforce your rules or tell him to leave. What are your rules? How old is he? Where's the mother? Tell her to find a backbone. Ask her to help you find yours. Or at least tell him, until he sees things different;y, he isn't sleeping with either of you. And you don't cook his favorite whatever any more. :)

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