Re: Elongated Eljer Toilet CHEAP!!
Posted by Wayne on December 04, 2003 at 11:07:40:
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Ok let me get some clarification on some of this.. The toilet is normally $96, was told that it has the same flush action as the Patriot Elongated, and that they hadn't experienced any returns or problems with this model.

That being said, the tank and bowl both had red marks under the stickers you peel off, I assumed it was adhesive or something. There was nothing on or in the box that in any way identified the unit as rejected however. The box was identical to all the other Eljer boxes.

I was going to buy the regular Patriot until I saw this, and I understand the Patriot to be a fairly decent performer, as gravity-flow toilets go. Is there something I'm missing here? Does this particular model have well-known problems I am note aware of? Thanks for your help!

: : Are these toilets poor performers? Several people on the board seemed to think that the Eljer's were pretty good. This was a current model, I think they said it was being clearanced due to overstock but that it was identical in function to the regular Patriot.

: Well,
: In this case, you get what you pay for.

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