Possible damaged cast -iron pile from bathroom
Posted by Anne Kubu on December 04, 2003 at 09:13:56:
I live in a home built in 1917. The pipe that carries the waste/water from the upstairs bathroom (toilet, shower,sink) is original. Lately, I have wondered if that horizonal cast-iron pipe is cracked or somehow damaged. I have noticed a new fine crack in the plaster ceiling below. I see no water marks. I might point out the house is also located near a railway line (but on the good side of the tracks). The pipe is not exposed in the basement, it is bricked in and connects to the another line from the main floor bathroom. From there the waste goes out to the street. Last Feb. (2003) we had to have the sewer replaced from the street to the front of our house, root damage from a huge tree. Everything seems fine but this crack is bothering me. I also have heard strange noises in the middle of the night coming from that bathroom, almost like air pockets moving (not from a family member). One last thing, There is a old connecting pipe from a previous bathroom that was removed 10 years ago on the main floor to make room for a kitchen reno. It is capped off and a section is in the basement - connects to the stack from the upstairs bathroom. When the upstairs shower runs, there is a slight leak from this pipe near the connection to the stack. I assume it might need a new seal but I wonder if the water is backing up to this pipe and leaking out. No leaks there when the toilet is flushed. Before I totally freak out can anyone offer any words of wisdom?

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