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Posted by robwan on December 04, 2003 at 08:56:00:
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: The rust colored water is probably just what got stirred up while you were refilling the boiler after the piping replacement.
: The hissing noises could have been wet steam that was brought up the the rads when the boiler water level was slightly high.

Ok, thanks. Is there any way to get this wetness out of the system and stop the hissing?

: The inoperable rad could have a defective air vent, shut off valve or the piping could have sagged in the floor and is holding water preventing the steam from entering the rad.
: Rarely does steam piping become blocked with crud.
: Good Luck. e-plumber

That's great to know, I'm so glad I didn't take it apart to check, or worse yet, have it replaced.

I'm unsure as to how this type of heat actually works. When steam comes up into the radiator, does the air in the radiator escape through the air vent? Maybe that's the hissing I'm hearing. If that's how it works, why doesn't steam come out of this vent? Or am I wrong on this? Does the radiator vent each time it comes on, or is the vent only for overload/pressure safety?

Thanks again

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