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Posted by hj on December 04, 2003 at 08:16:33:
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Now, if the cation had been "This is how to do a proper installation of a washing machine drain", then the sarcasm would have been apparent. As worded it appears to represent the proper installation of an AAV, and as such would be very misleading.

: : Nice picture. Where's the AAV? I hope it is not the time coming horizontally out of the vent stack.

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: I figured you would know that I was being sacastic hj.
: The picture was meant to show the installer the correct way to install a WM drain, at least what I consider correct. Most people are eager to install an AAV because running a vent line is "impossible".
: ...The fitting on the vent is a clean-out fitting.
: e-plumber

: : : : Would the in-line vent(tudor) be placed after the standpipe and P-Trap. A drawing would help.

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: : : This photo should help you do the install.
: : : Good Luck. e-plumber

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