Re: Elongated Eljer Toilet CHEAP!!
Posted by hj on December 04, 2003 at 08:10:37:
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It may identical in function to the regular Patriot, but then all toilets have the identical fuction. If the toilet fits in the space of a round front bowl, then it is not the same bowl as the regular Patriot, but was made from a different mold. That means that the flushing action may, or may not, be different. I would look for red marks on the bowl and/or tank which would indicate that they are rejects.

: Are these toilets poor performers? Several people on the board seemed to think that the Eljer's were pretty good. This was a current model, I think they said it was being clearanced due to overstock but that it was identical in function to the regular Patriot.

: : : Just got back from Home Depot and I'd thought I'd fill in everyone here because this has got to be some kind of deal!

: : : I was contemplating either Eljer or American Standard when I saw they have a sale on the Eljer Patriot Space Saver Elongated toilet (takes same space as regular round toilet).

: : : Model: 091-2225
: : : Tank: $10.00
: : : Bowl: $29.99

: : : We were out of there for less than $50 after wax ring and bolts!

: : Reply:
: : Hope you bought a toilet plunger also, just kidding.
: : That price is hard to believe, it cost them more to manufacture it and ship it. It makes one think that there is something possibly wrong with it... Let's hope not.
: : Good Luck. e-plumber

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