Re: faucet use activates toilets
Posted by So. Cal. Plumber on December 04, 2003 at 01:35:48:
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: : I have 3 Kohler low boy toilets, Rialtos I believe, with the 3.5 GPF. When I turn a faucet on in the house and then off, with fairly good consistency, the toilet will run for a bit? Average water pressure is 55-65 PSI in my city. What is the deal? This is just one of my peeves with these toilets. They were in the house when I moved in.

: The only possible explanation for your problem is that the float valves in your toilets are too sensitive to sudden changes in watter pressure caused by opening and closing a valve elsewhere on your water supply line. I've never seen this myself in over 25 years of plumbing. Maybe someone else here has.

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Your fillvalves need to be replaced and while your at it check the pressure coming into the house. A bad regulator can also be contributing as well. The pressure should be about 65 psi and only fluctuate about 5-8 psi when a toilet or fixture is used. Any more then that means you may need to change out your regulator. Good luck.

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