Re: faucet use activates toilets
Posted by nicktheplumber on December 04, 2003 at 00:54:48:
In response to Re: faucet use activates toilets
: I have 3 Kohler low boy toilets, Rialtos I believe, with the 3.5 GPF. When I turn a faucet on in the house and then off, with fairly good consistency, the toilet will run for a bit? Average water pressure is 55-65 PSI in my city. What is the deal? This is just one of my peeves with these toilets. They were in the house when I moved in.

The only possible explanation for your problem is that the float valves in your toilets are too sensitive to sudden changes in watter pressure caused by opening and closing a valve elsewhere on your water supply line. I've never seen this myself in over 25 years of plumbing. Maybe someone else here has.


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