Re: Replacing a one piece tub/shower and surround.
Posted by marilano on December 03, 2003 at 23:49:10:
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Hi, Candace. I have a tub/shower surround (also one-piece) that I've been thinking of replacing, too (and I've gotten some advice already on this site, other plumbing fora, and a few professionals locally).My bathroom only measures 59" wall to wall. What I've found out from various experts is that a standard size tub is 60" (there are also longer ones available) but that 1-2" of that length (or 1/2"-1" on each side) goes behind the sheetrock or greenboard. So I've been told that a 60" bathtub will fit in my 59" wide bathroom. (And I'm sure my poorly built townhouse didn't come with a custom size tub either.) My current one-piece surround also comes out more than 1" from the wall itself, but if you replace the one-piece surround with something flattish--like cultured marble or Swanstone--it will be much thinner and closer to the wall than the fiberglass surround. So I'd guess that you can use a standard 60" tub/surround, too. There are 54" tubs and surrounds available, but I'd guess they'd be uncomfortable. I'm just another female amateur, though :-). marilano

: We have a leak coming from somewhere in our shower area. We were planning on replacing the shower soon, anyway, so we've just moved it up. My question is about measurements. We have an alcove style surround and tub.

: The bathtub/surround measures 58" X 31". (wallboard to wallboard) It seems to me like there is no wallboard behind the surround and tub itself, to get to the measurements of a 'standard' opening. (IE, before the wallboard, the actual opening was 60X32.)

: If we install wallboard behind the surround and tub (per instructions for using the adhesive), I'm worried this will push the tub off center as far as the plumbing is concerned, or it won't even fit into the opening.

: Any advice? Or are tubs that are a 'standard' size of 60X32, not actually that size? (but close)

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