Re: Toto Ultramax vs. American Standard Champion vs. Kohler Ingenium
Posted by Terry Love on December 03, 2003 at 22:56:34:
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: : : Anyone have experience with these toilets?

I have had the Toto Ultimate and the Toto Ultramax in my home.
I've also had the American Standard Champion, the Briggs Vacuity, the Western 832, the Eljer Aqua-Saver with the PF/2 pressure assist, the Flushmate equipped American Standard Glenwall, the gravity Cadet, the Gerber Ultraflush with Flushmate, the Toto CST704, and the Gerber Aquasaver gravity toilet. These are the ones I can remember quickly off the top of my head.

My sisters home has had the Mansfield Alto, Eljer Patriot, Gerber Aquasaver and the Western 832.
My son's home has had the Crane gravity toilet and the old Kohler 81100 pressure assist.

Add to that list, customer comments and the donation of their old toilets for inspection.
My report on toilets is current.
It gets updated often.
I take into account more than what can and does flush down them.
It's gets more personal than that.

When you drive a car, you don't just pop a bigger engine in with more cylinders and think you have the best.
You would be looking at many factors including:
Noise levels
Traction in bad weather
Appearance of quality
Long term Maintenance
Finally, your perception of what feels right.

If you are looking at customer feedback, then Toto is at the top.
There are other brands and models that people are happy with too.
It's not an all black or white issue here, there is gray also.
I list the ones I like on my report on toilets.
Terry Love's report on low-flow toilets,

Also, some data from a Canadian report.

: : The Toto Drake G-Max moves 900 grams of solids,
: : The Toto Ultramax G-Max moves 700 grams of solids,
: : The A/S Champion "Best" moves 500 grams of solids,
: : The Briggs Vacuity moves 380 grams of solids,
: : The Mansfield Alto moves 280 grams of solids,
: : The Kohler Wellworth "Ingenium" RF moves 250 grams of solids,
: : The Eljer Patriot moves 150 grams of solids,
: : The A/S Cadet RF moves 150 grams of solids,
: : The Kohler Wellworth "Ingenium" EL moves 120 grams of solids,

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