Custom shower stall questions
Posted by Roger Garrity on December 03, 2003 at 12:00:15:
I am completely redoing my master bath. I am going from 7'x8' to 9'x10'. I am moving all of the plumbing. I am going to make a large double shower stall. It will be framed with 2x4s, walls and floor will be 1/2" Durock covered with ceramic tile. I am going to use one of the kits that have angled plastic peices in it that fan out from the drain to ensure that you get the right pitch when you pour the floor. I have heard from several people that I should install a membrane under the mortar shower floor and up the walls about six inches to catch any water that leaks through the tile. This sounds like a great idea since I have seen some water damage from custom shower stalls leaking. So my questions are:

1. I have found a couple of different brands, any recommendations on what brand is easier to use?

2. How does the membrane connect to the drain to ensure that any leakage goes down the drain?

I am in the commercial refrigeration business and I have done a lot of residential plumbing, but this is my first custom shower. Any help and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks, Roger

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