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Posted by hj on December 03, 2003 at 08:15:58:
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Without the necessary liner that goes behind the tile all around the "tub" there is no way to insure that it will not leak into the room or one of the adjacent rooms.

: I recently bought a house that has a very large wheelchair accessible bathroom. The shower is a large 'walk-in' type (set back in the wall) with what I think is little ceramic square tiles on the wall and floor. The front of the shower is completely open with no lip to stop water from getting the bathroom floor wet. (There is a wall-to-wall shower curtain.) There is a drain in the center of the shower floor. I'd like to leave everything like it is; I just want to add an outer tub-wall (about the height of a bathtub) so I can have a tub and shower. What could I use to do this and is it possible? Is there such a thing as "bathtub bricks" or "blocks" or something similar "create" the wall and is it expensive? If anyone can offer any ideas or information, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

: Thanks!
: Stephanie

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