Re: Bent flange on a leaky toilet
Posted by So. Cal. Plumber on December 03, 2003 at 00:48:54:
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: I have a leaky toilet that I have unsuccessfuly tried to fix 3 times. The toilet itself seems fine (no cracks) and the pipe doesn't seem to have any cracks.

: However, the flange on the pipe (the ring where the bolts connect) is bent up slightly at both places where the bolts were.

: I have replaced the wax ring 3 times and I am still getting a leak. Should I double up on the wax rings or try one of those new No-Wax seals.

: Both of these options were offered in the past when the flange was below the floor but I do not know if anyone has had a problem with the flange bending up above the floor.

I would recommend having the flange repaired. Also when setting the toilet you should be able to feel the toilet squishing the wax down as you set it. If you don't you may need to add another ring to it. Also make sure the toilet sits flat, if it doesn't you will need to shim it with plastic shims. Finally check the tank to bowl connection. I have had many times a cust. that thought that the toilet was leaking at the base and it turned out it was leaking at the tank to bowl connection and running along the edge without being seen. Good luck.

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