kohlet basin faucet
Posted by dino on December 02, 2003 at 21:50:10:
trying to remove stem/carterage on kohler basin faucet perhaps its a Alterena with a cressent spout

its a few years old(7-8) is top of the line, chrome and brass. round knobs, chrome with brass inserts on sides, looks like doughnuts stacked up, top of knob (chrome again)lifts off to expose screw that holds handle on stem. get handle off and there i am stopped

brass nut that apperantly holds stem in is smallish compared to other stems i have seen. i try undo it but the whole assembly seems to want to spin even though i tighten down the estuchion to the marble top best i could without breaking anything

under the sink its one of them faucets that hooks up with hoses to the spigot part, not a solid body

my question is to get to the carterage or washer(dont know what is in there yet as i cant crack it) am i correct in attempting to loosen that nut at bottom of handle stem?

any tips on cracking this thing? heat? wd40? strap wrench? i cant hold the body as its threaded top to bottom and would just butcher it with a channel lock

the problem is a slow drip and i want to fix. should i strap wrench it and use more force? i think its this one http://www.serviceparts.kohler.com/Pdfs/087663_8.pdf

any help is deeply thanked


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