Thanks to those that responded re: pump problem
Posted by Marna on December 02, 2003 at 15:48:08:
I posted yesterday about my water pump situation and thought I'd stop back to update those that wrote in reply. Thank you for your responses, I'm grateful to have found this site and will definitely be visiting in the future. : )

I was able to get a pump guy out last night who checked the tank and did find it waterlogged. That in turn had caused the switch to burn out on the pump. He replaced the tank and the external switch, but the pump still wasn't working properly and was overheating and shutting off before reaching 60lbs. This was at 9:30pm last night, and he doesn't carry jet pumps, so he suggested replacing the pump motor which he doesn't carry in stock. He only charged me $15 for the switch and gave us the tank because it's a small one that he doesn't install anymore. He didn't even charge for the 2-hour service call after his normal work hours. He offered to take the motor with him to work on it, but that would have meant waiting until after hours tonight before getting it back at best.

I'd had an appointment with Sears repair to come out this morning, but they called and said the tech had called in sick and I wouldn't be able to get service until Friday! A few more calls and I found a guy that came out to replace the motor, but found it was the internal governor switch that had broken, and that the motor was okay. Five minutes and a mere $90 later, the water's back on.

Thanks again!


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