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Posted by Hube on December 02, 2003 at 08:59:21:
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: I am in a rural area with a well. When all was new the pump came on at 30 psi, and cut-out at 60 psi. The size of the pressure tank alotted one to take a good 10 minute shower with the pump only coming on twice... As of late, the pump would come on two times a minute, so the controller was replaced. Now the pump is constantly coming on and off, (controlled by the points opening and closing), anytime a demand for water is put on it.

: With so few "parts" to the system, I can only conclude that the pressure tank is shot. Diafram ruptured? Who knows...

: Do you agree?

: Is there a way to test?

: Can I pump air into the upper chamber through valve? It only reads 15 lbs with a standard tire guage.

: Thank you in advance!

Answer; Drain the tank completely, pump in 2 lbs less than the cut-in (28) BTW, your better off with a 30-50 setting.( only a 20 differential is best) This will give you the best drawdown of water from your bladder tank, and should eliminate any short cycling. If the bladder in the tank is leaking, it will SHOW water when you remove the air valve cap. Good luck, Hube

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